MEANWHILE is a platform for creative expression.

Over the years, the platform has seen changes as the concepts we try to convey have changed.
We strive to provide a space for artists to exhibit work where the only boundaries are self imposed.
MEANWHILE7 is, to date, the best realisation of this ideal.

In this issue of MEANWHILE, we have explored the ideas of going into the
"dark" (Going Deeper Under Ground) in relation to going into the "light" (Coming up for Air.)
The idea behind this was to show how it doesn't matter which path you chose in life,
you always end up in the same place. This is a little nihilistic but our conclusion is inevitable.

This issue of MEANWHILE has taken longer than any other to compile. Not only does it contain
art from 8 very different artists, but it has been brought together in a format which compliments
the work and leaves room for interpretation.

Life goes on. MEANWHILE, art happens.