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Meanwhile # 1 | October 2003
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Edit Note

I find myself realizing that the world is turning faster and still the garbage has to be taken out. We are dreaming of ideas and then go to work. How far to the next beach? We are a visual civilization concentrating on how things look, rather than what they mean. All is visually cluttered and everyone wants to be seen so why oh why do we contribute to this by designing another piece of literature. The answer to this is simple. You will just have to change the question to "what do you want to do?".

I want to publish my own universe's voice in magazine format. The voice not being a vision of what we want to become, but what we are. This is a compilation of ideas and knowledge of me and my friends {The daze of our lives; page 29}. The people you spend so much time with and know that if they had the chance they could become great, this just might be that chance, or not. You have before you the most extraordinary tales and expressions of the person next to you, but remember that this is not a solution, or even a suggestion, this is a reflection.

A reflection of an exhibition of works by a number of artists trying to find a pure and successful composition by means of photography, illustration, painting and collage. A reflection of knowledge by numerous writers and anti-writers that you might find useful, and a reflection of interesting ideas that just might be true, or not.

The smell of a freshly printed magazine on a hot summers day is the driving force behind the launch of the first edition of Meanwhile magazine. The second being the idea of your thoughts/knowledge on black and white for someone else to read. The possibility of recognition, of influence of ruling the world {diabolical laughter}.

Fortunately, the first issue of Meanwhile magazine will be available in both a printed {A4 black and white} and interactive {website} format, we are therefore able to maximize distribution and accessibility of this publication in magazine and e-zine formats. “Would like to thank the inspiration, motivation and submissions of all.”

Prime suspect - Henk Esterhuizen


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