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Meanwhile # 1 | October 2003
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The magnum-implant is a new breakthrough in military and science development. The project [funded by the South African Government in the 1980’s, as part of the military intelligence act of 1967] has caused a great uproar in the international race for spying supremacy. A spokesperson for the Pentagon said that this is proof that South Africa is an underestimated country, and that if information like this has been revealed sooner, the world would have a different view on the country altogether, recognizing them as a force to be reckoned with.

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The implant is a simple procedure, removing all the bones in the hand, and replacing it with a smaller version of Magnum Desert Eagle 9mm, which has a surprising amount of firepower. The only visiblepart of thehand weapon, after the implant, is the aim at the end of the barrel.


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Using the weapon is just as simple, with aiming and shooting literally being as straightforward as shooting with your hand. At first the weight of the implant would take some time to get used to, but after that, the weapon can become one of the most dangerous known to man.

The real beauty, however lies in a substance that was developed especially for this project. A gel like substance used to cover the hand weapon before insertion causes it to be undetectable by any metal detector.

The gel like substance [called ‘undetectagel’], is the feature of this project that has the international spying community in disarray, and fears are growing that this might be the way of the future, which leaves South African spies at the front of the race.

Three easy steps to magnum success

Henk Esterhuizen