Editors' note

Redefining MNW

I have philosophized many a night trying to define what MNW (Meanwhile magazine) is, and especially what it has become. Pinning down the concept of a magazine functioning as a platform for anyone who has something to say will be to explain it exactly as that. Looking at it out of the magazines perspective; is to get involved in as many aspects of our daily lives as possible, in other words MNW is driven by information in an information driven society.

One of the greatest challenges for this project is to create something of value that is still affordable. The only way to do this is to use the knowledge, talent and inspiration around us. That is why the reader plays an even bigger role in sustaining this magazine compared to another (if that is possible). The reader is after all literally the creator of MNW. That is why I've included my personal inspiration for this, the third issue of MNW, hopefully inspiring you to do the same.

There are a lot of things that inspire us to do what we do, the trick is to identify these things and use them to lead us to further inspiration. (The inspiration of MNW # 3)

The latest introduction to MNW is a newsletter named "BURGERSAKE", which is a combined effort between Meanwhile magazine and Flaming Rabbit Dog Press. This newsletter is actually a propaganda leaflet from the 1980's, and will be distributed as a belated effort to "FORWARD THE REVOLUTION!!!"

I hope you enjoy this highly anticipated and definitely most successful third issue of Meanwhile magazine.

Henk Esterhuizen

"We are in an era where the South African Youth Culture is exploding and exploring, they need a voice!" The editor of Meanwhile magazine

Dewald Peets (13), neem nou al in sy tiende resies in die Ninja-klas deel.