poems en gedigte

Our fathers our heroes

To you he's no more than a pair of hands getting the job done
He comes home to sit at the head of our table
Long live to the sons of soil who give meaning to fatherhood everyday.
The pittance you call a salary determines how many of my dreams will come true
To me he's a fountain of advice, the voice of wisdom in this wide sea of uncertainty.
He comforts with his soothing baritone
While to you the only thing he's good for is Yes Ma'am No Sir
If it hadn't been for him I wouldn't be a girl
He's manhood decided my sex
To you he's just a Black dot on your white canvas,
To me he is wisdom personified
Hear me speak of my father

Nelisa Ngqulana

Thoughts of a city-to-city commuter

Roughly … irritating

Steel rats crawling
In this concrete mall
Mirrors and faces
Speedfines and races
Killing my spirit … All these fucking places

I vaguely remember …
"Welcome to the jungle"
Lest I know the consequence
Of the corporate ladder
Cause and effect …
A reality in this shitty dream

Black pollution
White intrusion
Is this the new diversity
Or just plain confusion
You see, it's not about race … or the race
It's just this city life
This soulless place

Cock the hammer
Stay in my slammer
Steel bars and cages
TV and sex … PG all ages
Black and white
Yellow and pink
Deeply drenched in this foul and stink

Psychological famine
Lust for money and death
Terrible frustration
Gnawing at the skin of my teeth
What channel of shit can I listen to now?
Ggggggggggggggggg ……………

Leon Derwort

You're never out of my imagination

I only have to close my eyes and I'll soon start crying again
My silence is heavy upon me,
Thoughts of you fill my head all the time
It's funny how someone I haven't even met can affect my life so
I look forward to the day when we will meet
Will you have my ears or my smile?
Will you have his big brown eyes?
You leave me wondering…

You keep me awake at night with your conversations
I sing you songs to make you sleep
I tell you stories of a time you'll soon experience
I cannot hide you anymore as each day I swell more and more, bearing witness of your imminent arrival.
You leave me wondering…

It's only a matter of time till the accident of birth when we'll meet
I wonder what it will be like
I pray it's easy and quick
I find no answer in your mumblings inside me
Still, you leave me wondering,
Never out of my imagination.

Nelisa Ngqulana

Scratch my soul

Look for me in the sentences, between the words
Of every newspaper article or news clip
I felt my essence as they were mutilating my beautiful body,
Stretching my oven of hope
A passage only the one I love is supposed to possess
Why, my brother, so much anger against your own
Look me straight in the eye so you can see the damage your raging loins are making you do
My soul weeps for my robbed innocence, violence in pursuit of my soul
Antiretrovirals, emergency pills - precautions only after
My bones and skin still ache where they groped
Skirt soiled with your useless seed
What a shame.
Incestuous invasions by father on daughter
Mama where were you
Did I not cry loud enough?
Give me a drug of forgetfulness, of forgiveness
Oh, Jehovah help their empty souls
My heart safely tucked beneath my ribcage,
Far out of their violent reach
They can only scratch the surface of my soul
But they'll never own it

Nelisa Ngqulana

Synonymous in time

She is mythical, I talk of nothing, dreams of heart, nothing less
Turmoil guards against an emotion, the soul striving for one to confess

The pilgrim becomes saint by purging of another's sin
As dreams offer redemption, you be Jesus in my nightly din

I vow to the book that is by me untouched in your violation
That in failure, it's the weak that therein seek their salvation

My love, pure and true, like once the heart of a babe
Shun it now in infant times, despair your malady of future crime

You realise with fear, the truth, your heart deep down confides
That I am and you be together, or life in darkness to our demise…

Jonathan Diedericks