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Meanwhile # 4 | August 2006

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Step 1 : The melody
Find an old hit, anything from classical to 80's glam rock (eg. "Beethoven’s 5th"
or “Wake me up before you go-go” by Wham) and use the melody as the base
for the megahit.

Step 2 : The lyrics
Write simple lyrics, a maximum of 3 lines and repeat until the listener vomits
(don't worry about the vomiting, people will buy into your idea as soon as it
is played on a radio or TV station). eg.

Your ass is like sugar,
shake it like a booger,
and I will shoot like a Luger.

Note: You are assured of a winner if you use words like : ass, money, honey,
club, sex, ride, doggy, dog or hound.

If you run out of lyrics at any point in the mega hit, just repeat your name a few
times until the chorus arrives.

Step 3 : The video
Find a few rather attractive girls with rather large behinds, make them shake
their asses in front of the camera, preferably in club setting. Apply techniques
that has been used 1 000 000 times before eg. fish eye view and/or over
saturated colours.

Note: Remember the bling.

Step 4 : Sell to record company and wait for the money and ass to roll in.

Look out for other titles in the series:

- How to generate "THE MEGA DANCE HIT", become famous and have lots
of money and ass at your disposal.
- How to become famous in Afrikaans.
- How to become famous in Potchefstroom.