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Editor's Note

A few things have happened since the last time we spoke.

One of these things was a name change from “Meanwhile magazine” to “MEANWHILE” (MNW). This means that we are aiming to get rid of the constraints of bounded pages and allow the magazine to live outside the world of paper. Our first step towards achieving this is to introduce the MNW movement to more people, and this is where the theme for this issue, HYPE, comes in.

Another development is the addition of new faces to the MNW team (see self portraits), which will allow MNW to appear more often and be of a higher quality.

Enjoy the new direction we have taken and please don't hesitate to make comments or suggestions on what you think MNW is or should be, it is after all a reflection of what we think the world is, rather than suggesting what we think it should be.

Thank you to Jason Findlay, Cobus Nienaber, Sjaka Septembir, Louis de Villiers, Lourens Kruger, Mia de Jager, Johan Schoeman, Ruan Kemp, Cecilia Ferreira, Tom Poole, Jane Henderson, Willie Knoetze, Leon Prinsloo, Albert Smit, Izak Steyn, Henk Esterhuizen and Willie Botha who contributed to this fine issue of Meanwhile.




HYPE is newspaper, mango, naartjie, love, oupagrootjie, Orania, soccer, ice, desert, MNW#5, fart, bomb, doll, scars, mince, skin, waiter, global warming and AIDS awareness. Hype is arguably the most important aspect of modern society, the yardstick of possible success, but there is a price. That being the fact that hype is usually hyped (blown out of perspective, perceived as something that it isn’t, a lie).

This creates more questions such as, is the process or the result more important, do we focus on the content or on the hype?

What MNW is aiming at is to edge away from instant gratification and concentrate on substance, creativity and originality. I know this seems very noble and you might disagree and argue that MNW is just more of the same, but that is exactly the point. We will have to work hard and long for it to be what we want it to be, and ideally use marketing and hype to our advantage.

So, to fall into step with the theme of the moment, I advise you to read this issue of Meanwhile and keep on reading, because we know it’s cool. This issue got two thumbs up from most critics and was rated the magazine of the year by the editor.

Henk Esterhuizen