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hype my digital hieroglyphics

that I leave for you as 12 signs of love

i burn flames against the night

high in the skeleton of our vibing love

lets recycle our touch, my gogga

lets eat at each others innards in little winks

measured by purple Buddha barometers

‘Hail, the hype of us!’ I shout on

the corners of Woodstock, advertising

us to every bergie

hail the hype of our togetherness

as little boys piss in the falling rain and

cars blindly speed up and down Rodebloem road

hail the sms’d Shakespearian sonnets between us

viva our sweet mango hype

as this world begs for the laser vapor of our minute

gigantic fame – cause all lovers are famous -

we swim in a sea of a www.tellysales


yet, my love, we dance in a very plain joy

we jive in the zen-hype of our spring

licking frangipani blossoms as our tongues

walk over each other

in selfless joy

Words © 2007, Sjaka S. Septembir